The Runes of Life


The carving on these mage bracers is foreign, it is written with strange symbols that only the mages of the north can read. Handmade and carved with intricate detail mark the story of the seeress Iona…

She wore these mage bracers when I met her and she explained their importance to me. You see, stranger, these carvings speak of life itself!

Leather Substitute

Iona showed me the ancient language and I copied it with her blessing, on these mage bracers. The locals told me that she herself with her bare hands trapped a horde of monsters using the occult knowledge that runes hide inside them…

This Seeress had the power to tame the elements of nature into symbols and activate them through magic. So she carved the rune of the fire in the pines and protects her village from barbarians walking through a small area of ​​the Bloody Grove. A great portion of the power of the barbarians was lost and the magic of the Seeress Iona remained engraved in history.

If you want, my Lord, I can make these mage bracers for you either from genuine leather or from our alchemist’s leather substitute.


150 g


Genuine leather or Leather substitute, Metal details, Waxed cord


Length: 27cm, Wrist width: 14cm, Forearm width: 15cm. Adjustable