The sorcerer’s hat


There are many kinds of Sorcerers, traveler, but the respected ones, wear these traditional suede, pointed hats, because legend says, that only then are they allowed to walk among mortals. This was bequeathed to them by the first author of the magic books, so that everyone could distinguish them and ask them wise things and not secular ones!

That’s what the Beloved Wizard of Water told me when he bought such a blue hat. Indeed, when he took off his hat to try on the new one, I saw that as long as he did not wear it, he looked like all mortals. That’s when I realized why sorcerers love their suede hats so much.

What is your color and size, my dear friend?

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 44 cm

Suede, waxed cord, Wire