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Sign Of Courage


Of course a symbol like this on these warrior bracers is familiar to a warrior like you, it’s because it symbolizes fire and, in a distant kingdom, bravery! Legend has it that whoever wears it will never give up in battle, like the First Warrior.

Adar (the legend says) was born of a god and a mortal mother, so he grew up destitute, since he did not know his father and for years he worked in someone else’s fields…

Υποκατάστατο Δέρματος

The symbol was engraved by his mother when they gathered any able-bodied men to defend themselves against a possible attack by hordes of barbarians. They had heard from the surrounding kingdoms that a large population of barbarians was migrating south.

Adar, along with three others, had a mission to guard at the Northern Observatory deep in the forest. Around midnight of the seventh day, sounds were heard in the forest and a little later, the last cries of his two companions. The first scouting party of the barbarians had arrived almost outside the village. Adar and the fourth member of his team, Rezlor, immediately understood what had happened. Naturally, both villagers froze in fear. Rezlor looked Adar in the eye and said, “I must go back and inform the village.” Adar nodded in agreement.

He could hear his footsteps receding when the sound of an arrow stopped them abruptly. He hid in the observatory and waited quietly to find the courage to face them. Then he saw the symbol of fire and remembered that courage, flame and hope must never go out! So he made a decision and at the first dawn of the sun he went out to face his fate. With the element of surprise on his side, Adar managed to reach his village safely and warn them to evacuate.
None of this would have happened if his mother had not carved the symbol of bravery on these leather bracers! If you want, I can make the same for you from genuine leather or from the artificial leather of the alchemist.


165 g


Leather or genuine leather substitute, Metal details, Waxed cord


Length: 24cm, Wrist width: 13cm, Forearm width: 21cm. Adjustable