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Scythe’s bracers


Many stories are heard about him with the black bracers, the first rune user. His name was Scythe, his origin unknown. He brought the magic to this lands, or rather, he brought the magic back to a land that forced it to sleep.

There are testimonies from ordinary citizens about these black bracers. The ten most powerful runes are engraved on them, these runic symbols hide great power inside them.

Υποκατάστατο Δέρματος

Scythe soon became known through his adventures. He began to equip himself and his family with black bracers, a symbol of their black history and the bad events that were forever marked in his memory. Carving these sacred symbols, they reminded each other that writing remains in time forever and that at some point, perhaps in the distant future, there will be someone who will try again to tame this power and will once again honor his forbidden origin.

These eco-friendly, black bracers are made from a leather substitute. It’s durability is similar to that of genuine leather.

They can also be made of genuine leather.

All armor parts are made to the measurements of each customer.

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 cm