The book of Zalman


This is the book of the mighty Zalman, the forest elf! This magic book has a soul trapped inside that wakes up every time you open it. If you look into his eyes you will see the red flashes that reflect the fires of hell. The book itself produces an eerie sound that lasts up to four hours. Then if his spell is exhausted, rest is enough to be ready with new stories to tell!

Μαγικό Αντικείμενο

Legend has it that this magic book was created by the vines of wisdom for this and he chose it as an elf, because as we know, the vines are loved by the muses and the elves only touch what the muses have touched first. That is why they are always so beautiful and well-groomed, unlike humans and barbaric races.

He was bound by magicians who with their own hands sewed his three hundred yellowed pages and used the spell of the blue tooth to be able to trap the soul in this object. This is not a simple book it is a companion you always have with you stranger.

Touch it and you will understand its power!

Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 22.5 × 5 × 31 cm

Plywood, Wood, Linen bookmark, Electronics