Vegan armors

Welcome stranger! If you are looking for a light armor, but you do not want your skin to touch another skin, I have the solution for you! With a unique technique and the help of a good friend, an Alchemist, we created a wooden armor especially for you. They are called vegan armors, because we are friendly to our little friends, the animals. Some of them are watered with magic or dipped in special filters!

Come and see the results. The leather substitute we made is not different from the usual one to the touch, so you will be able to move without suspicion of your origin…

You can take off the hood, dear elf, everyone is welcome here, come inside.

Armors made with leather substitutes suitable for any L.A.R.P. character. The leather substitute we use has paper as it’s raw material. The rest of the parts are made of high quality synthetic leatherette. It is possible to add special effects.

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