LARP Armour

You are interested in finding a LARP armor, stranger. Hmm.. I know your kin, you are the type who think themselves heroes. You think you can change the world.

I’m delighted, people like you can indeed change it. The ones that have the will and fortitude, to face head on the hardships that appear in their path.

That is what being a hero is about!

You know, when the word “Hero” was originaly used by the warriors it meant “ancestor” and symbolized the valiant heroes that had pasted. Some mages that still speak the Archaic Language explain that “Hero” derives from the adverb ήρι ( ‘Iri  ) which translates to “Once, Other Times” symbolizes the ways of our forefathers. A Hero then, is the one whose desendants respect him, so for someone to become a hero, they must perform good deeds that will benefit their ancestors!

That is why I like supplying heroes with the best armors, because they enable the future of all of us! In times like these… we are in need of them most than ever… But let’s move onwards!

Come inside and take a look at my handmade armors! We have both leather and vegan leather choices, able to withstand any kind of combat!

What would you like to see, my Lord?