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You seem troubled, me Lord, send me a letter describing your need in as much detail, also send me pictures and scetches if you have them.

Tell me what kind of magic do you seek as best as you can and i’ll find a way to make it a reality!

Or maybe just tell me your story, me Lord and i might find a unique item to pull  for you, from the chests of my mind!

This way i’ll have the chance to add it to my wares for the next time you come by.

Imagine a company with a vision to turn the whole world into a fairy tale so we can all play like children. A company whose goal is to create all those magical artefacts we read about in our bedtime stories.  From enchanted hats that speak to chests that open only at the touch of their owners! Imagine that on your next L.A.R.P. , your Magic, will be visible to all! Smoke coming out of your hands while the carvings on your armour starts to glow in the dark!

If you have imagined all that then you are one of us that have traveled to the Land of Fables and have chosen to make our imagination come alive. That is how NPC CRAFTING came to be, a company that makes its original L.A.R.P. gear designs , located in Athens,Greece (Praxitelous 2, Athens P.C. 10562), oparated by experienced larp players whose goal is to combine technology and technique in creating theatrical props that satisfy the most personalized needs of any character.

What can we craft for you?