Here, your imagination comes true!

Welcome, traveler! Here fables turn true!
Oh, I’ve got for you fantastic stories aplenty. Myths attached to these legendary items, for your own RPGs like L.A.R.P.s and tabletop games.

Magical Artifacts

Magic is simply the technology of another era.
Here we possess the arcane knowledge
to enchant your gear.

Fitted Armour

If the shoe doesn't fit...
Here all the armors are made according to the measurements of the warrior.

Druidic Conscience

We do love Druids as they do love the animals.
We also have light armors made by special ingredients that do not harm Mother Nature.


I, kind stranger, hail from the Land of Fables! That is where I and my humble laboratory reside.

Being such, to contact me, all you have to do is write down your wish and send it to the stars!

Each dawn, before the stars fall asleep, they come by my laboratory and they tell me what you wished to make for you.

For special ideas...

Whatever you have thought of, do not hesitate.

I have seen the Alchemist training objects to react to his commands.

I have touched Dwarven-made artifacts with eyes that could reflect Hellfire! I’ve heard voices frozen in eternity and i’ve come upon crystals that shine bright with an elven touch.

Thus I say, do not hesitate. If you desire something worthy of your legacy, I know the artisans that can create that for you.